Be Fire Safe

Whether it’s a barbeque, outdoor fireplace or campfires, most wildfires are caused by human error. Should you be responsible for causing a wildfire, you might also be liable for any costs as a result.
Here are some simple prevention tips to make your outdoor fires summer safe!


  • Position your grill a safe distance from the house, and never grill inside a garage or near an overhang that might catch fire
  • If the propane hose looks cracked, trickle soapy water on the hose and look for bubbles which will indicate a leak, or just play it safe and replace any old looking hoses or fittings.
  • Never light up a gas grill with the lid closed

Fire Pits & Campfires

  • Keep all fire pits or campfires a minimum 10 feet from any structure, trees or other flammable items
  • Never leave an outdoor fire unattended, watch for sparks or shifts in the fire due to wind changes, and always keep a fire extinguisher or buckets of water near by
  • Always ensure any ember is completely extinguished by drowning all embers with water before heading back inside
  • If you do not have water, add and stir dirt or sand onto your fire until all materials are cool, remembering not to bury the fire as it will continue to smolder and could catch roots on fire until it reaches the surface
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