Be Prepared for a Hurricane

Though Atlantic Canadians are fortunate to live in an area that isn’t prone to frequent and severe hurricanes, we are not entirely immune to the havoc that hurricanes can wreak. The following is a list of emergency preparedness tips to help you before and during a hurricane.


• Assemble an emergency preparedness kit, and keep it in an area of your home that is easy to access. Include battery-powered or wind-up flashlights and radios, a first-aid kit, bottled water, and non-perishable food.
• Ensure you have a cell phone fully charged, as phone chargers and most cordless phones will not work in a power outage.
• If you have a sump pump, check to see it is functioning properly ahead of time, because ground water always increases during storms.
• Make sure you have a full tank of gas in your car.
• Put all loose outdoor objects such as patio and lawn furniture, BBQs, toys, and garden tools in storage.
• Trim back dead or weak branches from any trees located near your home, garage, shed, parked or stored vehicles, and power lines.
Always have extra batteries on hand.

While we can’t control mother nature, we can take some precautions to keep ourselves and our homes safe during hurricane season.



• Stay indoors, unless otherwise directed by the appropriate authorities.

• Keep informed by listening to your local radio or television station, or checking online for storm updates, if possible.

• Use your cell phone (not your landline) to keep in contact with friends, family or neighbours. Limit phone calls to ensure your battery life will last the duration of the storm.

If you have any questions about your policies and how to better protect yourself in case of a hurricane, please contact any of our trusted advisors.

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