Get A Grip On Your Winter Tires!

Winter tires have tread patterns specifically designed to bite into snow and ice, plus they are made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather. This results in a better grip on the roads, which means a safer ride for everyone.

– Take a minute when you first get on the roads to test your steering and brakes.

– If the roads are iffy, keep that cruise control button off.

– If you install winter tires, switch all four tires, not just two. Using just 2 winter tires can cause the car to spin unexpectedly because of greater traction on only two wheels.

– Not only will proper and equal tire pressure extend the tread life on your tires, it also reduces fuel consumption; so grab that gauge and check your tire pressure throughout the winter.

– If you start to skid, ease off the accelerator and gradually steer into the skid. Resist the temptation of using your brakes or overcorrect the skid, as these may cause you to skid more. Repeat this maneuver several times until you regain control.

– Temperatures do not need to drop below 0 to cause dangerous conditions as all season tires begin to lose their elasticity and grip on the road at temperatures below 7˚C.

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