Here’s Why Home Insurance Is So Important

Saving up enough money to buy your own home is a huge milestone in life because it’s one of the biggest purchases most people will ever make. Whether you’re going to live in your new home for ten years or the rest of your life, you need to make sure you protect your investment. When it comes to your home, your investment is literally the roof over your head.

Even though you may be reluctant to pay for home insurance, if you’re financing the purchase of your home with a mortgage, it’s mandatory. Since the average home buyer needs a mortgage, home insurance is in high demand. Even for the person who is able to purchase their home without a mortgage or who has successfully paid off their mortgage over time, home insurance is one of the best ways to continually protect a house.

There are always risks

Being a homeowner comes with a lot of responsibility and many benefits. You and your family have a place to live that is entirely your own, making it a special dwelling where lifelong memories are made. As great as it can be to own a home, there are also many risks. Fire damage, flooding, and break-ins are just a few of the potential threats. While no home is ever immune to these threats, you can protect yourself and your family with home insurance that will give you ample coverage if something goes wrong.

A wide range of coverage options

The term “home insurance” is so general that it can be misleading. Because every house is different and every homeowner is working on a different budget, there are many different types of home insurance that you can purchase. Basic home insurance is the most limited and also the most cost-effective, while comprehensive home insurance has many features, including optional items ( In between these two there are a range of more moderate options. Although comprehensive insurance may be more expensive, you’ll be glad you paid more when the unexpected occurs.

Hopefully, you never have to make a claim on your home insurance policy, but having it just in case will take the worry out of your responsibility as a homeowner. You may worry about how you are going to afford home insurance while paying your mortgage at the same time, but at Cooke Insurance we have many affordable coverage options that will benefit you. Plus, did you know that little things like an alarm system can actually lower your rates? ( That’s because safeguards like these lower the perceived risk of damage or break-ins in your home.

Home insurance from Cooke Insurance

Here at Cooke, your dedicated insurance broker will consult with you to learn all of the specifics of your new home. From there, we’ll establish a rate for you based on the value and features of your property. We will educate you about the various coverage options and make sure you know exactly what you are paying for when you set up you policy. If we identify vulnerabilities that are specific to your new home, we’ll suggest adding one of our optional coverage features for added protection.

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