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A vacation can be exciting but it can also be stressful and costly if you experience a medical emergency while away. Your Province’s Health Insurance Plan will not cover you while travelling outside of Canada. Even if you travel within Canada your provincial plan will only pay up to your own provinces daily limit. Health coverages can differ from province to province and without the proper travel insurance in place you may be left responsible for costs that lie outside of what your own province pays.

It is important to have proper travel insurance to avoid financial devastation. We recommend you purchase at least $2 million Canadian in coverage.

Most policies will exclude any pre-existing medical condition automatically. However, coverage may be extended if medical information is submitted and accepted by the company. It is important all information is accurately stated on the application.

Many people now love the convenience of booking your own holidays or travel on-line. However have you thought about who you might deal with in the event of flight cancellations, on-line travel company closures or other difficulties that arise with your travel plans?

You may not be aware but many of your local travel agencies will match your on-line prices and give you the peace of mind of having someone to see if glitches to your travel plans occur.

That is one less worry for you and it supports local businesses in your communities, isn’t that a win win?

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