Despite your best efforts, you know that auto accidents can happen. At Cooke Insurance, our professional advisors are ready to provide you with the best auto insurance to protect you should an accident occur. We have been providing a complete variety of insurance coverage for both private passenger automobile and recreational vehicles since 1972. We also offer in-house financing with several payment options.

Policies Offered

 Private Passenger Auto




Motor Homes


Antique Vehicles

Additional Liability

Optional Coverage

Waiver of Deprecation This provides replacement cost on your new vehicle for 24-30 months following its purchase or lease. Thus, should the vehicle be a total loss, there is no depreciation in its value. Loss of Use Coverage Providing you carry collision and comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, you can purchase this coverage to provide you with a rental vehicle should yours be laid up in an accident. Rental Car Coverage This coverage provides insurance on a rental vehicle you may use within Canada or the USA, costing much less then you pay at a rental agency. Accident Waiver Insurance One accident does not have to mean increased premiums, it ensures you are not negatively affected by your first claim. In the event you have a second claim it's treated as if it were your first.

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Save money on your car insurance.

  • Bundle your auto insurance with a property policy (Home, Tenant, Condominium).
  • Choose higher deductibles (the amount you pay upfront in the event of a claim).
  • As a brokerage, we have access to many companies and can select the one that best suits you and at a competitive premium.
  • When looking at buying another vehicle, contact us to discuss how it may affect your yearly premium before you purchase it as this may affect your buying decision.
  • Tell us where you work as you might qualify for savings through one of our Group Property and Auto Plans.

Good Driver Guarantee

  • The Good Driver Guarantee is designed to protect our policy holders in the event of an accident.
  • This ensures your driving record is not negatively affected by your first claim.
  • In the event you have a second claim, it’s treated as if it were your first.
  • It’s that simple — Contact a Cooke Insurance Group Broker today to see how you might qualify for the Good Driver Guarantee.

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