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Protect Your Home From Water Damage

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, water damage is now the leading cause of home insurance claims. Changing weather patterns, aging sewer systems and substantial investments in finished [...]

Prevent a drain on your Summer Property

While enjoying your cottage this summer, make sure you’re aware of the signs that there might be septic tank problems before they cause significant damage. Costs to replace an entire septic tank [...]

Stay Safe When Traveling

  In addition to having the right travel insurance to protect you, there are a lot of additional details to consider when preparing for your trip. Before you leave Canada, here are some tips [...]

Snowblower Safety

When the snow piles up outside this winter, there are few things as convenient as a snowblower to remove it from your driveway or walkway. All that convenience, however, can be gone in an instant [...]

Is Your Wood Stove Safe?

As the temperature drops, many homes start using alternate heating sources like wood stoves to stay warm. To ensure you’re ready for winter, here are some safety tips to get your home wood [...]

Be Fire Safe

Whether it’s a barbeque, outdoor fireplace or campfires, most wildfires are caused by human error. Should you be responsible for causing a wildfire, you might also be liable for any costs [...]

Peace Of Mind On The Road

COOKE INSURANCE NOW OFFERING DAA ASSURED. Because we know peace of mind on the road is priceless. DAA Assured is your 24/7, 365 days a year roadside partner. Since 1948, DAA has covered members [...]

Protect Your Home Against Ice Dams

Heat loss through your roof can result in thousands of dollars in damage as a result of’ice damming.’ Ice damming happens when warm air leaks from your house into the attic, melting [...]

Get A Grip On Your Winter Tires!

Winter tires have tread patterns specifically designed to bite into snow and ice, plus they are made from softer rubber compounds that retain their flexibility in cold weather. This results in a [...]

Tenant Insurance

If you rent an apartment or house, tenant’s insurance makes good sense. Too often, renters think they don’t need insurance, or that they cannot afford it. According to the Insurance Bureau [...]

Priority Care

Cooke Priority Care is a specialized insurance that provides expedited access to doctors, critical diagnostic tests, and specialized diagnostic equipment that can often otherwise come with long [...]

Water Damage: Are You Protected?

WATER DAMAGE: ARE YOU PROTECTED? There are few things more frustrating for a homeowner than a flooded basement. It can happen all too easily and, often, without warning. To make sure you’re [...]

Prevent Auto Theft

Let’s face it: as Atlantic Canadians, we may not spend much time worrying about auto theft. Windows are left down, keys are left in the ignition and purses are left on the seat. Some might [...]

Consider Installing Rain Barrels

Springtime often means a lot of rain added to the recent snow melt runoff, which can increase the chances of sewer backup, flooding and water damage. One way to help keep your basement dry is [...]

Tim Hortons Referral Program

Coffee is on us! Or whatever Tim Hortons treat you like. Receive a {$10} Tim Hortons gift card with each referral. At Cooke Insurance Group, we want to say thank you to any of our customers who [...]

Winter Driving

We’ve all been there. Heading out on the winter roads before your car and windshield have fully warmed up. Maybe the frozen windshield wiper is leaving a messy streak right across your line [...]

Happy Holidays From Cooke Insurance

HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS Keep your family safe by preventing accidental fires. • Never burn Christmas wrapping in the fireplace • Do not use Christmas trees for firewood • Keep your tree watered [...]

Business Legal Protection

As a business owner, there are many things that keep you up at night. From a legal standpoint, there’s disputes with employees, tax investigations, health and safety concerns… the [...]

Be Prepared for a Hurricane

Though Atlantic Canadians are fortunate to live in an area that isn’t prone to frequent and severe hurricanes, we are not entirely immune to the havoc that hurricanes can wreak. The [...]

Introducing Legal Expense Insurance

Think you’ll never get involved in a legal dispute? The odds of you getting involved with a legal dispute are greater than you think. What if– • You develop an injury caused by [...]

Always Consider Replacement Cost

  When it comes to property insurance, you need to make sure you have enough insurance to cover your full Replacement Cost. How Do You Know If You Have Enough Home Insurance? Replacement [...]

Save Your Neck from Whiplash

Whiplash. Ouch! Even the sound of that word makes many people feel ill. A recent study by the Insurance Bureau of Canada used videotape to observe a total of 7571 drivers and 1090 passengers as [...]

Working from Home?

Most people that work from home have their homeowner’s policies cover thier business insurance as well. The majority of these policies, however, do not have enough coverage for all your [...]

Be Prepared for Santa Not Sirens

The winter holiday season is the most wonderful time of the year. Unfortunately, it is also the time of year where deaths related to fire increases dramatically. At Cooke Insurance Group, we want [...]

Wood Stove Safety

A fire in a wood burning stove is a warm and welcome relief from the temperature outside. Wood burning stoves can be an economical way to supplement your home heating. However, all your plans for [...]

When Is $1,000,000 Not Enough?

Higher and higher court settlements are being awarded today for injuries resulting from situations that just a short time ago would have been very rare. HOW DO YOU PROTECT YOURSELF? One way is to [...]

Protect Your Home From Ice Dams

With energy costs rising, you have probably already sealed any drafts around your windows and doors, but have you considered your ceilings? Heat loss through your roof can result in thousands of [...]

Avoid Surprises with Rising Premiums

Property Insurance premiums have been stable for a great many years, with minimal premium increases. Over the last several years, however, insurance companies have seen record losses on property [...]

More Advice For Travelling

AN OUNCE OF PREVENTION A vacation can be exciting but it can also be stressful and costly if you experience a medical emergency while away. Your Province’s Health Insurance Plan will not cover [...]

Winter Getaway Reminders

Important travel tips to consider before you go! If winter travel is in your plans, whether you’re heading south, skiing or travelling elsewhere, we would like to remind you of a few things that [...]

All Seasons or Snow Tires?

Most new cars come with all season tires, often marked M+S for mud and snow. These tires are designed to provide safe, all weather protection, but are not suitable for snow covered roads or [...]

Is Your Dryer a Fire-Trap?

Each year, there are thousands of dryer fires that cause death and injuries and result in millions of dollars in damage. In some cases, faulty appliances are to blame, but most fires can be [...]

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