How To Save Money On Your Personal Auto Insurance

If you own your own car, then there isn’t any way to get around purchasing personal auto insurance. You’re required by law to insure your vehicle for road use, and failure to do so could result in a major fine. Not to mention that if an accident were to occur, you wouldn’t have any insurance coverage. Most people understand all of this, but it’s tough to add a car insurance policy to your monthly bills. If you own a car, you’re already paying for gas and maintenance, not to mention the many other expenses you may have in your life. However, an auto insurance policy doesn’t have to break the bank. If you want an affordable auto insurance policy, here are a few strategies that you can take advantage of:

Bundle your coverage

Insurance providers almost always offer discounts for people who purchase more than one type of insurance from them. If you already have home insurance with your insurance provider, why not purchase your auto insurance from them too and bundle your policies to receive a discount? This is a win-win for both sides, because the insurance broker retains your business and you have more affordable policies. It simplifies your insurance to have all of your plans in one place, and it’s an easy way to make auto insurance more affordable.

Consult a broker

Rather than going out and trying to set up an affordable auto insurance policy for yourself, why not consult an expert? An insurance broker will be able to help you determine what coverage options suit your driving patterns. They’ll be able to walk you through the various types of policies that are available to you, and suggest ways to keep your auto insurance rates in an affordable range.

Make the most of Accident Forgiveness

Accident Forgiveness is designed to protect auto insurance policy holders in the event an accident occurs. This means that your first claim does not affect your driving record, and if you must make a second claim, it will be treated as your first. Cooke Insurance represents companies that guarantee this to its customers because we understand that sometimes even the best drivers get into accidents. We don’t want you to be penalized for one split second mistake; accident forgiveness helps to keep your premiums down.

Pick and choose coverage options

Depending on how you are using your car, how far your drive each day and where you live, you may need or not need specific types of auto insurance coverage. While airing on the side of caution and purchasing a comprehensive plan is optimal, you can pick and choose features on your policy if you want to keep your rates down.

Try usage-based insurance

Unlike conventional auto insurance policies, usage-based insurance charges you for coverage based on a variety of factors such as your driving habits, the areas and distance that you drive and so on. You’ll receive discounts when you sign up, and after just a few months of data collection for additional discounts of up to 30%.

Remember, auto insurance doesn’t have to be expense! Here at Cooke, we believe in providing our customers with affordable auto insurance policies that give them the right coverage. Contact us today to learn more about our auto insurance.

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