What is Overland water coverage?
The coverage protects against water damage to your dwelling and contents arising from lake/river overflow, heavy rain or rapid snow melt that enters your home from a point at or above ground surface.

Is Water not already covered under my policy?
Your policy is designed to cover you for certain types of water damage such as those caused by a burst pipe, escape of water from a heating, plumbing, air conditioning system, or swimming pool for example. Water damage coverages such as sewage backup/water extension and overland water are additional options that should you qualify, can be added to your policy and for which a separate premium is charged.

How do I know if my property is eligible for the coverage?
Clients qualify for various limits of Overland flood coverage based on risk zone they are assigned. This assignment of risk zones is determined using flood modeling technology specific for your area. These zones are then defined as low, medium or high risk zones. The limits and premiums are then determined by the risk zone accordingly.

You also must qualify and carry the sewer back-up/water extension coverage.

Is Flood covered?
The term “flood” actually refers to coastal flooding caused by salt waters and moved on land via title surges, tsunamis or tidal waves. Damage from this type of water is not covered.

Are there other types of flooding covered aside from salt water flooding?
Yes, intentional breaches of man made structures such as dams, levees, and dikes are not covered. Ground water entering through cracks in a basement wall would be excluded as well.

Is coverage available for coastal flooding?
The intention of this coverage concerns the overflow of any body of fresh water. This coverage does not extend to the overflow of any body of salt water. The Insurance Companies do not offer coverage for flood at this time.

Does a deductible apply to an overland water claim?
The deductible shown on your policy declaration page would apply. There is not a separate deductible for this coverage.

What is my coverage limit?
Your coverage limits will appear on your policy declaration page and it could be either $10,000 or $25000 or $100,000 depending on several risk factors. The ability to buy higher limits may be an option depending on your zoned area. Please speak with a broker to discuss higher limits if required.

What are some preventative measures I could install?
A professionally installed backwater valve and/or a permanently installed sump pump are two good examples of common preventative measures. Properly installed eavestroughing & downspouts are other great preventative measures.

Am I eligible for Overland Water Coverage if my dwelling is vacant dwelling or under construction?
The insurance company will not cover your dwelling or personal property while your home is under construction or vacant.


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