What does my Water Extension endorsement cover?
The insurance company will pay for loss or damage caused by accidental discharge of sewage or water from a sewer, drain, sump pump, septic tank, or eavestrough or downspout connected to a sewer. The insurance company will not cover the loss or damage caused by back up, escape or overflow of water or sewage from public sewers or drains outside your dwelling.

Why does my current Sewage Back-up/Water Extension coverage not extend to overland water entering my home?
If you only have the Sewer Back-Up/Water Extension Coverage and there is evidence that overland water has entered your home, there would be no coverage for this loss unless your policy contains Overland Water Coverage.

What is my coverage limit?
Your coverage limits will appear on your policy declaration page and it could be either $10,000 or $25000 or $100,000 depending on several risk factors. The ability to buy higher limits may be an option depending on your zoned area. Please speak with a broker to discuss higher limits if required.

Do I  pay a deductible if I have a claim?
Yes, your policy deductible shown on your declaration page would apply. There is not a separate deductible for this coverage.

What are some preventative measures I could install?
A professionally installed backwater valve and/or sump pump are two good examples of common preventative measures. Also properly installed eavestroughing & downspouts are other great preventative measures.

Am I eligible for Sewage Back-up/Water Extension Coverage if my dwelling is vacant dwelling or under construction?
The insurance company will not cover your dwelling or personal property while your home is under construction or vacant.

Do I need to have The Water Extension Endorsement in order to get the Overland Water coverage?
Yes, you will need to have the Water Extension coverage.

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