9 Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

With fall upon us, it’s time to store your motorcycle for the winter. Making sure it’s prepped for storage is a smart way to ensure it’s ready for the road just as soon as you are in the spring.

Safety First

To avoid theft, make sure that you pick a storage spot that is locked, and that keeps your motorcycle out of sight. Better yet, take your bike to a storage facility? that provides security.

Wash & Wax

Giving your motorcycle a solid cleaning before putting it in storage will help prevent corrosion and rusting. Waxing also adds a barrier that helps keep moisture out.

A Little Change Will Do You Good

When it’s storage time, it’s best to first change your oil and filter, as it’s healthier to have fresh oil sitting in your ride for four to six months rather than dirty oil.

Go to Extremes

When it comes to your gas tank, either empty it completely and treat it with fogging oil to prevent rust, or fill it to the top and add a fuel stabilizer.

Hold the Ice

Add antifreeze to your coolant system to avoid frozen water cracking your cylinder head.

Rev Your Engine

You have two options when it comes to your battery. Either pull it completely from your bike and charge with a trickle charger, or leave it in place and, once a month, start your engine and let it run for a short time.

Go Flat Out

Tires have a tendency to develop flat spots when attached to vehicles stored over a period of time. To prevent this, invest in a motorcycle stand that prevents your tires from resting on the ground. If this isn’t an option, make sure to rotate the wheels on a regular basis during the duration of storage.

No Pests Allowed

As rodents and other pests can seek shelter and warmth in your motorcycle, it’s recommended to plug your exhaust pipes and muffler. This can be done with a store-bought muffler plug or a device of your own making. If you’re feeling creative, just make sure that whatever you use is not easy to chew through.

Take Cover

For extra safekeeping, purchase a motorcycle cover, or use an old sheet or similar cover. It goes without saying that this will help protect your bike from dust, water and other elements that can do damage.

Of course, every motorcycle driver must have insurance in order to be able to take to the road and for assistance should anything happen to his or her ride, but talking with a Cooke advisor can make sure that you have the complete coverage you need. Call Cooke today at 1-800-566-5666 or contact us online to make sure your motorcycle is covered, not just for storage, but for whatever you might meet on the highway.


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