How protected is your business? Are you exposed to a drop in sales or profits if a key employee or owner suddenly dies or can’t work due to a disability? Would you be able to fill this void quickly and at what cost? Life Insurance offers the most cost-effective protection against this happening to your company.

Business Overhead Insurance

Many businesses experience financial hardship because of on-going overhead costs when the owner is faced with a disability and cannot work for a period of time. Ensure you have the financial protection if this happens to you.

In most cases revenue slows down or stops all together if a business owner become disabled for a period of time and cannot work. If this happens to you, how will you pay your business overhead expenses? Will your business survive when it is earning less and rent, utilities, and other fixed overhead expenses continue? Cooke Capital can help.

Key Person Insurance

The death of an individual who is key to your company can have a negative impact on the company’s financial position. What will it cost you if you lose customers? How soon could you replace this person, and what will be your recruiting and training costs? We have the solution. Learn More →

Debt Insurance

Be certain you have the best mortgage insurance option to protect your business and your family. Unlike most lenders we consider your insurance needs first.

Purchasing a business location or a home is often the largest single purchasing decision a person makes. If you are a first-time buyer or you are refinancing do not overlook an important insurance decision. When you seek the property insurance that is best for you, doesn’t it just make sense to find the right mortgage insurance as well?

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Insurance Funded Buy / Sell Agreement

When the unforeseen happens ensure you have the funds to purchase a deceased partner’s ownership in your company.

A well-thought out Buy/Sell Agreement with the co-owners of your business is essential in ensuring a smooth transition of ownership when one of the owners dies or cannot continue in business because of a disabling illness. Having the proper life insurance in place will provide you and your business partners with the money to buy a deceased partner’s shares if the unforeseen happens.

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