What is the Enhanced Water Damage Package?
It an expansion of the existing Water Escape/Sewer Back-up coverage available for Homeowners customers. The package includes new coverage
options and clearer explanations of what is covered.

The Enhanced Water Damage Package can now include up to four components to protect you in
the event that water enters your home. The components include Sewer Back-up, Water and Sewer Lines, Overland Water and
Ground Water.

Why is the improved Enhanced Water Damage Package being introduced? How will it benefit me?
With water-related claims on the rise in Canada, water is now the number one threat to your home. Intact has improved their existing coverage with the needs of homeowners like you in mind. By offering you coverage options, you can customize your insurance policy with the right coverage in the event that water enters your home.

What is Sewer Back-up coverage?
If water accidentally backs-up and flows into your home from your municipal sewer system, private septic system or because of a
sump pump failure, the Enhanced Water Damage Package has the coverage you require.

Plus, Intact offers $1,000 towards the installation of a sewer back-up loss prevention device (sump pumps with a back-up power source
or backwater valves) after a covered loss. These devices can help protect your home from future water related losses.

What is Water and Sewer Lines coverage?
Protection for the water and sewer lines connected to your home, in the event they leak, break, tear, rupture or collapse. The
coverage offers $10,000 to repair or replace your water service and/or sewer line. This coverage is automatically included when
you purchase the Enhanced Water Damage Package.

What is Overland Water coverage?
Coverage for water damage caused by the overflow of a lake or river, heavy rain or rapid snowmelt that enters your home from a point at or above ground level. This coverage is automatically included if you reside in an eligible territory.

What is Ground Water coverage?
An optional coverage for purchase, offers protection for events when water enters your home suddenly and accidentally throughwall, the foundation of your house or through the floor.

I currently have the Enhanced Water Damage Package, what changes will I experience?
Eligible existing customers who have the Enhanced Water Damage Package will automatically receive the
improved benefits of your new coverage in addition to what you have today. There will be no changes to the eligibility, limits or
rates for your current coverage.




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