Roof Snow Removal Program
Recent weather in your area could affect your building.

Each year, roofs collapse due to heavy snow and ice accumulation. Take action to prevent serious injury or property damage and we’ll reimburse you up to $1,000 in snow removal costs.

Program Details
This program is recommended for all eligible commercial lines customers who carry all risks coverage.

We will reimburse up to $1,000 plus HST in roof snow removal costs, including the salary paid to employees if they perform the work.

In order to receive the reimbursement cheque, please:
Take a picture before and after the roof has been cleared.
Send the photos and invoice to your broker within the next 30 days.

Our experience indicates that focus should be on buildings with the following characteristics:
Buildings built before 1977
Structures with flat roofs, slightly domed roofs or roofs with slight inclines
Structures with different roof levels on which snow can accumulate

Frequently Asked Questions
Does this offer apply to builder’s risks locations?
Yes, providing they meet eligibility requirements.

lf a customer is a tenant in the building, would they still qualify for the $1,000 for the snow removal?
No. We only reimburse when we are insuring the building.

ls the $1,000 available per building or is it a per policy limit?
The maximum amount of a reimbursement is $1,000 per building insured, plus HST.

Do we have a list of snow removal professionals?
No, however, we encourage customers to retain skilled, professional snow removal services who can provide proof of insurance.

Can my own employee do the work?
Yes, we will reimburse the salary paid to your employees for removing the snow. You must document the number of employees and the number of hours it took to remove the snow. Ensure the proper safety protocols are in place for any employee on a slippery, snowy roof.

Winter weather warning

Data from weather stations in your area indicate an increased potential for roof collapses due to heavy snow and/or ice accumulation.

We recommend clearing the roof as quickly as possible, using proper safety precautions, to avoid significant damage and serious injuries.

Before clearing your roof

Take a few moments to review your property:
Assess snow and ice accumulation on the roof: watch for patches or areas of compacted snow under fresh snow. Packed and older snow, water and ice are much heavier than fresh snow.
Look for any blocked drains, gutters, downspouts or ice dams; obstructed gutters can trap snow and ice on roofs, increasing loading that could structurally weaken your roof.
If you notice any cracks, splits or sags in the roof or if there are severe roof leaks: Evacuate the building
Remove any mobile equipment
Cover equipment and stock with plastic to avoid water damage Back up your computers

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