Introducing Legal Expense Insurance

Think you’ll never get involved in a legal dispute? The odds of you getting involved with a legal dispute are greater than you think.

What if–

• You develop an injury caused by medical malpractice
• Your house has hidden construction defects
• You lose your job without valid reason
• You’re faced with a traffic ticket that you believe was wrongly assessed
• Your vacation in paradise was a total disaster
• A used car salesman gives you false information


In Canada, successful parties are not awarded all their
legal costs, and often
they are responsible for a portion of their own legal fees.

The average hourly rate for lawyers across the country is approximately $360.00.

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*Source: Canadian Lawyer Magazine Survey 2010 National Fee Ranges

Don’t let the complexities and cost of the
justice system stop you from pursuing your
specifically designed to support you when
legal conflicts arise.

Have the comfort of contacting a lawyer without worrying about potential costs.

Cooke Insurance Group is here to make sure you have access to legal counsel and expense coverage when you need it the most.

Flat Fees. Everyone Qualifies.
Only $12.50 per month.

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