Is Your Wood Stove Safe?

As the temperature drops, many homes start using alternate heating sources like wood stoves to stay warm.
To ensure you’re ready for winter, here are some safety tips to get your home wood stove safe!

  • Use a trained installer to install your wood stove.
  • Install smoke alarms, and if you have them installed already, make sure they are working prior to using the wood stove.
  • Have your wood heat appliance inspected frequently, and your flue or chimney cleaned regularly by a certified professional.
  • Ensure you have child guards or barriers around the stove to keep small children away.
  • If you’ve ever had a small fire in a stovepipe or chimney, have it inspected prior to using it again as serious damage may have occurred to the pipes or flue.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher close and make sure it has proper pressure.
  • Purchase heat-proof gloves and have them close so you can quickly pick up a log or embers in case they accidentally fall from the stove.
  • Use a covered metal bucket for ashes, and carefully store it outside and well away from anything that could burn.
  • Always use properly seasoned wood and proper burring techniques – consult with professionals or the local Fire Department if you have any questions about wood and how to use it in your stove.
  • Always consult with your Insurance Broker if you make any changes to your home in relation to a heating appliance to make sure you are properly covered.
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