No one likes to talk about the possibility of one day not being healthy enough to take care of you or your loved ones. But if you wait until something happens, it might be too late. Start planning today.

Plan ahead

Start planning for tomorrow — today! The facts are that you can receive affordable insurance now while you are healthy; and you can get a custom individual health plan that is flexible enough to change as your family life changes.

Don’t have insurance?

Our comprehensive, customized coverage provides a wide range of benefits including coverage for medical emergencies, medical supplies & equipment, and a variety of health specialists. There are also options for Prescription Drugs, Dental Care, and Travel Medical.

Have coverage through work?

While you might have health insurance through your work, does that mean you’re covered should you be laid off work for some reason? What if something were to happen to the business? Can you still access it? Make sure you have the comfort of knowing you’re still protected no matter what surprises life throws at you. Ask about our Assured Access coverage today.

Interested in one of our policies?

Contact a broker and get started today!

Drug costs affect everyone

If the tough questions were not asked when setting up your individual health plan, drug costs may deplete your hard earned savings. In most cases, unexpected drug costs are often as trying on families as the health emergency itself. By talking directly with our trained advisors, we customize your plan to cover what you need, and specifically discuss how the burden of drug costs fits within your plan.

Call toll free 1-800-566-5666 so we can help you find the right individual health plan today.

Ask about Blue Cross Assured Access and Blue Cross Options Plus, as well as Travel Insurance and Life and Disability.

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