When you urgently need access to healthcare but have been placed on a waiting list for over 14 days, COOKE PRIORITY CARE is there to ensure you get access to the care you need… and fast!

What is Priority Care?

Cooke Priority Medical Care is a specialized insurance that provides expedited access to doctors, critical diagnostic tests, and specialized diagnostic equipment that can often otherwise come with long delays.

Support along the way

We assign a case coordinator that will guide you from getting a rapid specialist consultation or second opinion, right through completion of your treatment.

Contact one of our Insurance Advisors to learn more because we know every moment counts.

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Additional Protection

Beyond surgical or diagnostic procedures, as well as treatment costs, being paid for with your policy, transportation to the available medical specialists is also covered 100% when pre-authorized. Meals, accommodations, plus costs for one family member or friend to accompany you is also covered.

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