Buying a home is probably the largest single financial investment you will ever make. Should you rent or own, we want to ensure you and your assets are properly protected from potential risks such as fire, water, theft and other types of property damage.

Policies Offered

Condominium Insurance

Tenant Insurance

Mini / Mobile Home 

Seasonal Cottages

Seasonal Homeowners

Rented Dwellings

Vacant Dwellings

Dwellings Under Construction

Property in Storage

Additional Liability

Optional Coverage

Sewage Backup Protection & Sump Pump Failure Coverage

Flood & Earthquake Damage

Boat Insurance

Additional Protection for Personal Property

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Save money on your property insurance.

  • Insure both your property policy and auto to potentially save.
  • Increase your deductible.
  • As a Broker, we have access to several companies and can provide the insurance that best suits your needs and at a competitive premium.
  • Tell us where you work as you might qualify for your Group savings.
  • The number of years you have been claims-free.
  • An approved security system and remote fire detection system.
  • Being Mortgage Free.
  • Not burning wood heat.
  • Age of Dwelling (newer).
  • Age of Insured (mature).
  • Loyalty (# of years with the same company).
  • More than one policy with a company (property & Auto).

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