Buying a home is the biggest purchase of your life. But if you have your mortgage insurance through a bank, your family might not be protected when you need it the most.

How the banks do it

  • Banks ONLY cover what you have left on your mortgage – not the original amount.
  • Banks look to see if you qualify for insurance AFTER you submit a claim. You could be paying for something you actually don’t qualify for.
  • Banks are automatically the beneficiaries. THEY own the policy.

Our approach

  • Your coverage at the start is your coverage in the end. It ALWAYS stays the same.
  • Your medical history will be examined BEFORE your policy starts to ensure you qualify.
  • YOU own the policy. You choose the beneficiary.

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Ask the right questions

Thinking about putting your mortgage insurance through a bank? Before you do, make sure you ask the right questions, as you may be surprised by the answers. For example:

  • Think your bank mortgage insurance is safe if you miss a mortgage payment?
  • When your house is sold or traded, is your bank mortgage insurance still stable?
  • Be in the know and just say no to bank mortgage insurance.

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