Prevent a drain on your Summer Property

While enjoying your cottage this summer, make sure you’re aware of the signs that there might be septic tank problems before they cause significant damage.
Costs to replace an entire septic tank and tile bed can be thousands of dollars, and you may be liable for damages to neighbouring properties as well.

If you also use your cottage as a rental property, should a septic issue occur while guests are staying, their negative online reviews could be noted on travel sites for all to read.

Warning sights of a failing septic system may include:

  • Drains slow down
  • Toilets back up
  • A sewage smell
  • The grass over the system is unusually green or spongy
  • When testing water, bacteria or nitrate contamination appear
Pump your septic tank(s) regularly
Divert rainwater away from septic drain fields
Never dispose of waste like disposable diapers, feminine hygiene products, paper towels, cigarette butts and facial tissues into the toilet; if renting, leave signs addressing this for your guests as well
Reduce water usage by fixing any leaks and reducing water levels with smaller loads of laundry
Dispose of hazardous chemicals properly (ie: varnish, paint thinners, motor oils, gasoline).
Avoid the use of powdered laundry detergents unless labelled “septic tank safe” as these dry detergents contain the fillers which are known to clog the drain fields and cause septic system back ups


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