Stay Safe When Traveling


In addition to having the right travel insurance to protect you, there are a lot of additional details to consider when preparing for your trip.
Before you leave Canada, here are some tips to consider to ensure you travel safe:

  • Carry a Canadian passport that is valid well after the date of your planned return, and keep a copy of the identification page separate from the original – never leave it unattended!
  • Leave copies of your passport identification page, itinerary and insurance policy with friends or family as well.
  • Trip cancellation insurance may be null and void if a Travel Warning (due to wars or sporadic unrest for example) to a specific country or region is already in effect when a trip is booked.
  • If you take medication, be sure to pack an extra supply in case you are away for longer than expected. As well, carry a duplicate of your original prescription in case your medication is lost or stolen.
  • If traveling with children, carry documentation proving your right to accompany them (consent letter available here).
  • We recommend you purchase at least $5 million Canadian in travel insurance coverage to provide the best coverage possible for the most common worst-case scenarios.
  • Don’t come home to a disaster – arrange for someone to check your home each day, with specific inspections for frozen pipes.
  • Support local travel agencies! While booking your vacation online may appear convenient, should you have an issue like closures or cancelations, working directly with a local agency will provide you with more peace-of-mind should there be a glitch in your plans. Plus‚ it keeps our local economy strong!
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