Winter Driving

We’ve all been there. Heading out on the winter roads before your car and windshield have fully warmed up. Maybe the frozen windshield wiper is leaving a messy streak right across your line of vision. Or it could just be too darn coldto get out and scrape. There are plenty of situations where winters in Atlantic Canada can make seeing out your windshield a bother – but if you don’t bother properly cleaning your windshield, you’re putting your safety and the safety of others at risk.

One of the more common reasons for increased premiums is due to accidents. Keep safe and save money by taking a few extra minutes to make sure you can see and others can see you.

Other Good Winter Tips:
  • Replace any wiper that isn’t in good condition
  • Fill up on windshield washer fluid, and have an extra one in your vehicle
  • As opposed to all-season tires, consider using winter tires as they are specifically designed for providing better traction, braking and handling in snow and icy conditions
  • Clear all snow from the hood, roof, windows and lights
  • In reduced visibility, you should make sure your emergency flashers are on to alert other drivers
  • Have your tires checked before winter begins, and remember to check tire air pressure frequently as it decreases in cold weather
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